The best measure of the success for us is that all of our clients have provided us with additional consulting assignments. Our clients include U.S. Government Agencies, National Laboratories, and private sector consulting, engineering, and research organizations including but not limited to:

  1. U.S. Solar Power Market, Morocco Solar Photovoltaic RTM, June 2004.
  2. Gasification Technology and U.S. Industry Status, Magallanes Regional Coal Gasification RTM, June 2003.
  3. Commercializing Biorefinery Technologies at C2L Development Center, Advanced Gasification Systems Conference, Houston, TX, 2008.
  4. Technical and Economic of Off-Grid, Mini-Grid, and Grid Electrification Technologies, ESMAP Technical Paper, The World Bank, December 2007.
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  9. Technology Status Report – Fluidised Bed Combustion Systems for Power Generation and Other Industrial Applications, Department of Trade and Industry, London, U.K., January 2000.
  10. Structuring and Procurement of New Advanced Coal Technology, US-Brazilian Clean and Advanced Power System Round Table II, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, March 9, 1999.
  11. Structuring and Financing Clean Coal Technologies, U.S. Trade and Development Agency, World Power Conference, New York, N.Y., May 1999.
  12. Clean Coal Technology for the 21st Century:  What Will It Take? - Ahmedabad Electricity Company IGCC Project in India, 6th Clean Coal Technology Conference, Reno, Nevada, April 1998.
  13. Economic Evaluation and Market Analysis for Natural Gas Utilization, U.S. Department of Energy, April 1995.
  14. Design of Circulating Air Barrier for Cold Tests at Hanford, Houston, TX 1994.
  15. Raw Coke Oven Gas Venting Engineering Study, USS Clairton Works, Coke Oven Emission Control R&D Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA. 1991.
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  17.  Gasification Technology, Research Initiatives for the Bio-gasification of Coal, USDOE, 1987

Publications (Authored, Co-Authored, or Edited)